Complete esports solution for big sportsbooks

Finally getting profitable and reliable esports odds.

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Combining the best from experts and models

We are able to process live data using statistical models and include inputs from our experts to provide the best odds.

How does it work?

Considering incoming bets to improve the predictions

Oh, and we also use the data from incoming bets to increase odds' profitability.

Review submitted bet

Check for dangerous bets & dark patterns

Accept / Reject

Incorporate information from the incoming bets into the odds

Updated odds

Bringing live betting with high uptime to esports

We use our expertise to provide sportsbooks with a profitable esports live betting service. Audience, mostly young and male, grows rapidly and likes betting.

Low-latency esports data

Fast stream processing pipeline

Predictive models of supported game titles

Models of market behaviour

Profit sharing with full loss guarantee

Really, we are that sure about our esports trading service.

Covering main titles & adding more

Combining algorithmic trading and expert knowledge to set the odds for esports betting.

Match winner
Map winner
Exact map score
Map score handicap
Map score over/under
And more is coming

Attract players to exciting markets

Market types are added on the fly. We have all the knowledge and tools to introduce new exotic market types specific for individual game titles.

All markets are traded with competitively low overround (6 - 9 %) and high uptime.