We are looking for

DevOps Engineer

Anděl Park

Radlická 14, 150 00 Praha 5, Czechia

Full time / Contract
60k - 130k CZK / month


Our core stack:

Required skills & experience

  • AWS (EC2, ECS, Lambda, CloudWatch, RDS, S3, …)
  • Scala / Python 3 / TypeScript
  • PostgreSQL / TimescaleDB
  • Consul / Nginx
  • Kafka
  • Docker
  • Linux / Bash scripting
  • GitLab

As DevOps Engineer at Ematiq you will be leading automation, management, monitoring and backup efforts of our cloud infrastructure.

Ideal candidates will possess the ability to gather needs of peer developers, look for automation patterns and evangelize relevant DevOps practices. We expect experience with operating containerized applications and cloud based distributed systems.

We are very open to give lots of autonomy and trust to candidates in terms of particular technology stack supporting our DevOps competence.

We are already using Ansible and expect candidates to have enough engineering experience toqualify and disqualify proper DevOps technologies as well.

Scripting experience in Scala / Python / Bash will be definitely of immediate value.

Expertise in networking/security/databases are very welcome, but in depth knowledge is not necessary, fundamentals should suffice.

What will be your daily responsibilities?

  • maintaining and improving AWS Lambda /ECS (EC2/Fargate) based infrastructure
  • coordinating with our CTO on picking proper technological candidates in alignment with our technical strategy
  • work closely with team members to identify and automate manual and repetitive processes ensuring efficiency, quality, and scalability
  • optimize our CI/CD pipelines
  • design and champion DevOps best-practices

Are you the smartest person in the room in your current job and your ideas are not being implemented? Do you want to participate on a challenging project combining data analysis, predictive modeling, cloud computing and low latency stream processing?

Show us you are the right person for our team and join us in modern offices in the Prague center.



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