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Quantitative Trader

Anděl Park

Radlická 14, 150 00 Praha 5, Czechia

Full-time / Contract


Our core stack:

Required skills & experience

  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly
  • Passionate about markets and trading
  • Strong in applied mathematics and analytical approach to problem solving
  • Knowledge to work with data (SQL) and perform basic data analytics (Python, R, Excel)
  • Calm, organised and able to make quick decisions under the pressure
  • Experience with financial markets like stocks/crypto is a plus

Do you like to think in terms of probabilities? Instead of using gut feelings, do you calculate EV of each action before making decisions? 

As a Quantitative Trader, you’ll work closely with the team of Traders and Quants on development and execution of trading strategies on intraday Sport markets. You will use probability and statistics in combination with understanding the market environment in order to help determine fair price of the market and develop optimal trading strategy. Your responsibility will be to monitor the market behaviour and make decisions in the real time to adjust the parameters of the strategies in presence of the ever evolving nature of the markets. You will be working in an intentionally flat organisation where your opinion will be heard and considered from day one.

What will be your daily responsibilities?

  • Develop data-driven trading strategies and execute them on the sport markets
  • Monitor market behaviour and manage trading and risk in production
  • Analyse new market opportunities and anomalies in detail and propose new trading strategies
  • Close cooperation with Quant and Development team in development of trading strategies and software needed for the execution
  • Challenge the status quo 
  • Process and analyse raw data, finding the patterns and drawing the conclusions

Are you the smartest person in the room in your current job and your ideas are not being implemented? Do you want to participate on a challenging project combining data analysis, predictive modeling, cloud computing and low latency stream processing?

Show us you are the right person for our team and join us in modern offices in the Prague center.



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