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Scala Developer - trainee / adept

Anděl Park

Radlická 14, 150 00 Praha 5, Czechia

Full time / Contract
60k - 130k CZK / month


Our core stack:

Required skills & experience

Required skills & experience

  • ZIO / Akka Typed
  • Scala 3 + Scala 2.13
  • Kafka / Jsoniter / sbt

This position is suitable for candidates who are willing to make technological transition towards Scala and its ecosystem and are looking for a supportive environment to do so.

If you are coming from Java, Kotlin or other OOP/FP languages and you were always interested to learn and dive into Scala quickly, especially learning about functional effect libraries as ZIO, this is the perfect position for you.

In order to boost time to value for motivated candidates, we offer our own internally developed and curated Fast Track to Scala academy.

You will also get dedicated senior buddy time to provide you with consultations. Our adaptation process is optimized for boosting knowledge and skills directly applicable for technical challenges in Ematiq.

As Scala developer at Ematiq you will be working on features for low latency, event based distributed systems where reliability matters a lot as we are dealing with big volumes of money.We offer in-house domain experts to learn about domains quickly, support from enthusiastic colleagues and ability to gain valuable technological knowledge in the shortest amount of time possible.Engineering leadership is keen to provide opportunities to learn from and interact with the world class professionals via training, consultations and 3rd party engagements.

What will be your daily responsibilities?

  • designing, implementing and supporting distributed systems for low latency algorithmic trading in a variety of business domains
  • design and debug stream-based / event-based systems running with high-reliability guarantees and real-time characteristics
  • improving response times and reliability of our systems
  • consulting acceptance criteria with product-level stakeholders
  • steadily improving quality of codebase,ideally by leading by good example and employing unit / integration tests

Are you the smartest person in the room in your current job and your ideas are not being implemented? Do you want to participate on a challenging project combining data analysis, predictive modeling, cloud computing and low latency stream processing?

Show us you are the right person for our team and join us in modern offices in the Prague center.



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