We are looking for

Senior Frontend Engineer

Anděl Park

Radlická 14, 150 00 Praha 5, Czechia

Full time / Contract
60k - 120k CZK / month


Our core stack:

Required skills & experience

  • TypeScript 4.9 / ES2022 (only modern browsers)
  • React 18 / Blueprint.js 4
  • Vite / Vitest

As a Frontend Engineer at Ematiq you will be leading the implementation of the user interfaces for our proprietary trading applications. Your primary goal is to deliver a consistent user experience while minimizing the chances of issues, errors, or broken UX experience.

Ideal candidates will possess the ability to gather the needs of peer traders and triage them with the help of the product management team, leading efforts in terms of standardizing components into libraries, and ideally proposing UX improvements.

Intuition for UX would be of advantage as we sometimes need to do sub-second decisions based on the available information displayed in the UI.

Because we work with a great amount of data, knowledge of visualization techniques and libraries together with performance tuning skills are of critical business value.

In order to manage the increasing complexity of our codebase, we are looking for engineers who can take ownership over our frontend engineering area of competence as a whole and lead by a good example.

In return for joining our team, you’ll get lots of autonomy and flexibility in proposing technical solutions to business problems and room to lead other fellow engineers.

Our tech stack is modern - we primarily target Chrome browsers and use technologies like WebSockets to process real-time data. There is also enough room to evaluate other viable technologies during prototyping spikes.

What will be your daily responsibilities?

  • Implementing features addressing trading scenarios
  • Standardizing our growing component base into libraries
  • Fine-tuning performance and getting the best out of the most recent technologies (our traders work with evergreen browsers so no cross-browser optimizations are needed)
  • Prototyping quick product iterations to evaluate their business potential (also serves as great room to evaluate alternative technologies)

Are you the smartest person in the room in your current job and your ideas are not being implemented? Do you want to participate on a challenging project combining data analysis, predictive modeling, cloud computing and low latency stream processing?

Show us you are the right person for our team and join us in modern offices in the Prague center.



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