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We use advanced mathematics to turn data into probability

about us
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What we do

Algorithmic trading

Successful trading on various markets thanks to fast data, internally developed software, and proprietary models designed by analysts and mathematicians.

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Sports analysis

A unique blend of human expertise, advanced statistical methods, and machine learning to find the edge in the markets and trade effectively.

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Trading technologies

Custom-built trading software products backed by fast & proprietary data sources, models and expert domain knowledge.

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About us

We are a growing group of mathematicians, traders & engineers

We use a clever combination of mathematics and algorithms to solve challenging problems well beyond the traditional scope of the field.

We focus on rational decision-making, analytical thinking, and perpetual learning.

about us

Ematiq at a glance

Proprietary algorithmic trading platform

Talented mathematicians, traders & engineers

One of the biggest market makers on the largest online betting exchanges


We’re hiring!

Imagine what would happen if the best mathematicians, traders & engineers met together in one team.

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