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One of Ematiq’s key domains

Algorithmic trading

Algorithmic trading strategies using sophisticated data models and smart software allows efficient, faster and clever trading on various markets.

successes in trading


Thanks to fast data, internally developed software, and proprietary models designed by the best mathematicians and analysts in the field Ematiq successfully trades on various markets.


Ematiq is one of the biggest market makers on the largest online betting exchanges in the world.


Ematiq delivers the newest features and an innovative approach to algorithmic trading on a daily basis

what we’ve created

Our technology

We are proud to have one of the most sophisticated algorithmic trading platform enabling the following:

processing of hundreds of trades per minute 24/7

a combination of the human judgment of top experts and traders with algorithms

processing of many parallel requests with response time in milliseconds

handling millions of requests and/or terabytes of data per hour

benefits for betting exchanges

Besides all that, we provide market liquidity for a very wide range of sports including all major side markets.

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