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Sports analysis

In order to find the edge on the markets and trade effectively, we combine the strengths of data science, domain knowledge, and internally developed software.

Instead of relying on just a single source of expertise we use the synergy of human interaction and machine learning.

how we do it

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by monitoring markets in real time and applying knowledge gathered through ematiq’s domain expertise and data insights

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by relying on a data-driven approach instead of intuitively made decisions

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by observing markets, formulating trading hypotheses and validating them based on big datasets

Based on internal datasets, we are able to analyse pre-match and real-time data to reject or confirm hypotheses made by our subject matter experts.

Both in regard to classical sports events e.g. tennis:

What is the best surface if you want to beat Novak Djokovič?

Our daily bread

Continuously analysing new market information and re-evaluating our estimates

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Daily collection huge amounts of data for sports

Uniquely combining domain experts, data scientists and trading knowledge

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Facing exciting challenges in ever-changing environments.

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