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Do you want to be part of a world-class algorithmic trading company?

Open positions

Who we are and what we do

Ematiq is currently on a mission to become a leader in algorithmic trading powered by expert knowledge of sports data analysis.

Our team of engineers, quantitative analysts, traders, and in-house domain experts is constantly on the lookout for seizable business opportunities.

Our secret weapon lies in mathematics, ingenious engineering, and access to proprietary data sources, that are combined with decades of accumulated experience in relevant fields.

Sophisticated technology for algorithmic trading

able to do hundreds of trades per minute 24/7

A team of mathematicians, traders & engineers

almost 50 brilliant minds in our team already

One of the biggest market makers on the largest online betting exchange

providing liquidity and higher efficiency

Martin (Founder) about our company and why you should join us.

Marek (VP of Engineering) about the professional development of Ematiq´s employees.

Honza (Head of a Development Team) about how it is to work in the development team with no bureaucracy.

Martin (Application Development) about the opportunity to work on various projects and develop both professionally & personally.

how is it?

Working at Ematiq

A unique corporate culture is one of our biggest assets. Our guiding principles are an emphasis on rationality and intelligent decision-making. We value autonomy, ownership, and trust, and reward manifesting these accordingly. If you ever felt bogged down by politics, bureaucracy, or lack of recognition for your talent or intelligence, then look no further.

You don’t need to be a mathematician by nature or profession to become a part of the team. We are looking for like-minded people with different backgrounds and experience within or outside the field.


How is it to
work at Ematiq


Full service & well-being

We want our employees to focus solely on their work tasks and not to be disturbed by anything else. That is why we provide them with everything they may need during their workday.

We offer a pleasant, new, and modern working environment and continuous refreshments, including lunches and dinners.

We support sports activities and often play board games or chess to keep our brains in shape.

We also care about our people in both their personal and professional lives. If needed, we offer individually tailored help.


Inspiring people

An environment full of highly intelligent and motivated people. Very smart colleagues, who are both geeks and great people to be around.

What you can expect is an informal and friendly, but at the same time direct and honest culture.


Individually tailored self-development opportunities

Ematiq offers employees the possibility to improve not only in technology-related skills, but also to work on their personal development.

We believe each of us needs a space to grow. That is why Ematiq offers not only space, but also the tools and resources to grow.

Haven´t found the job you were looking for?

We're always open to meeting new hyper-adaptive and talented individuals who have a natural inclination to lead, push us to be bolder, and bring some exceptional skills to our team.